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Cleantech's salt and paraffin deposition control technology, one of the latest offerings in ultragreen technology, produces electromagnetic field to prevent  adhisions in a pipeline achieving peak production rates by controlling the accumulation of scale and paraffin in the wellbore and in all onshore production equipment.

The Cleantech device


About the Company

1.Our company is engaged in the development and implementation of technologies, used in oil               production since 2018. 

2. The main objective of the technology is to reduce the cost of carrying out thermal treatments of pipelines. The formation of  the electromagnetic field effect saves pipeline from corrosion and adhisions.
3. At the moment, our developments are superior to those of the world's leading oil and gas producers.
During the years of work, we have tried several pilot works that currently show effectiveness of our developments. We have Patents in Russia and the USA


Our Major goal:

Nowadays we are interested in working at the US market. US patents are introducing the work of the Cleantech device which we are ready to demonstrate it's efficiency with the aim of subsequently establishing partnerships for oil production and scaling commercial application of technology in the US market.



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